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Thema: Should I invest in my DVD collection?

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    Should I invest in my DVD collection?

    Hello everyone ,,
    I know it's odd to ask this question in this particular subreddit, but maybe this is the answer I'm actually looking for and I'm just looking to be convinced. = P.
    For the past few years, I kind of stopped acquiring new DVD titles. My rationale / fear is that DVDs will become obsolete once a new format will be introduced (think like VHS -> DVD). Also, I'm not much of a rewatcher (less than 5% of the films I watch a year are rewatches.) Still, I have an ongoing list of "films to buy eventually" and I'm wondering whether I should just take the plunge and resume seriously collecting films.
    If your answer is "yes," I would absolutely love to hear where you're all buying your new acquisitions! I was thinking of just getting everything on amazon but just from browsing this subreddit, I see people know about mega-sales taking place elsewhere.
    ETA: I have several Blu-Rays as well! My question is more about investing in a DVD / Blu-Ray collection as a whole, not necessarily the standard DVD format. The only issue I have with the Blu-Ray (and I do feel that this is an issue) is that my computer won't play Blu-Rays and I would like to use my computer and DVDs to make gifsets, etc. My TV would definitely play Blu-Ray players though!
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