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Thema: Transferring my DVD collection

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    Transferring my DVD collection

    Hello everyone ,,

    Can I store my DVDs on and HD or similar and watch them on my TV? IE is there a way of saving / downloading my movie collection (DVDs) on a hard drive from which I could watch them?

    I have about a hundred and I'm loathed to get rid of them. I use steaming services but would love to have my movies all in one place, which I could search and watch them as I please. Many of the flims aren't on the streaming services.
    I have some technical know how and happy to learn more if needed.

    Is it as simple as getting a hard drive, downloading the movies and then linking them to my TV? If so how big would it need to be?

    Thanks in advance for any tips.
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    To copy DVDs to a harddrive I used:
    * Program to copy the DVD and circumvent the protection: for example AnyDVD
    * Program to convert the DVD-files into videofiles (for example .mp4): HandBrake

    It is a timeconsuming and tedious task. But I I worked through over 10 films per week with bonusmaterials and cut the image pixel-precise to have as little black bars as possible. Also computers were slower 10 years ago. It would go faster today.


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