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Thema: Im very curious, do any of u still collect dvds?

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    Im very curious, do any of u still collect dvds?

    I started having a small collection recently but im picky in what i buy. The movies need to be one of my all time favorites. Do u guys still go out of your way to buy and collect movies? I have several hundred dvds (collected since 2002) I fucking HATE this talk of non physical media being the only future. Sure I watch netflix and movies on the internet like everyone else but theres no enjoyment of not having a "super deluxe" edition dvd or bonus features like dir and actor commentary, where will that go if we 100% scrap dvds / blu rays? Plus not everyone has internet availible all the time so its nice knowing I can watch a movie even if thats not working by just walking to my bookshelf. [COLOR = var (- newCommunityTheme-actionIcon)]

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    I do

    Hello Jamuna
    I can understand. My collection is also growing continuously. I have been collecting since the beginning of 2002/2003. Before they were tapes. Interesting areas like Marvel, DC, Japan Monster, SiFi, Fantasy and and and. I know it's nerdy


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